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Tek 4 Faith is an initiative of First Baptist Church Everman to upgrade our technology within the church building in order to enhance our efforts to reach the world for Christ, provide a safe and secure environment for our staff, members and children along with protecting our data and information that is so vital to the operation of our ministry so that we can more effectively touch the lives God brings into our path.

We need to raise $12,000 dollars to achieve this goal.  Won’t you consider giving today either through a one-time gift or through setting up a recurring transaction on our giving portal.

We have based this upgrade on four pillars that have helped us develop our plan and define the needs of the church in an effort to achieve our goals.  These four pillars are:



Reaching the World! 

Increasingly we live in a world where technology is as important to our lives as the roof over our heads.  The Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20 tells us to make disciples of all nations while the command found in Acts 1:8 tells us this mission should be worldwide.  In order to do this, we must upgrade our technology infrastructure.  Just as the architecture of a building is important to the functionality of that building so too is the digital architecture important to our ability and goal to Reach the World!

Access for All!

The Millennial generation and the generations to follow rely upon technology in a manner that far exceeds that of older generations.  Bible software, online giving and access to the internet are simply a need for our younger church members and I suspect some of our older church members.  We want to provide digital access to those who enter this building in manner that is safe, secure, and can be monitored to avoid any inappropriate use of this access.  Our goal is Access for All!

Safety and Security!

As we live in an increasing hostile world the need to safeguard the weakest of us from those who would wish to do them harm is an extremely high priority of this initiative not to mention the information and data we currently maintain on our members, both personal and financial.  Our desire to accomplish this is to provide WiFi access throughout the building and for the youth house that would house three different channels for three different networks.  A secure network for our staff use, a guest network for our members and visitors, and a video surveillance network that would be placed at the entrance to the church and in the children’s and nursery areas.  After all, it is difficult to put a price on Safety and Security! 

Touching Lives!

To be able to get the message of Christ out to those who may have never heard is perhaps the most important priority to this initiative.  Leveraging technology that is available and in widespread use today will aid the staff in encouraging, teaching, and connecting with our church membership and with visitors.  After all it is only in the Gospel of Christ that we can find hope.  With the mandate of the Great Commission and the call to be witness we need to use every method and tool at our disposal in Touching Live!

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Some highlights of this upgrade are: 

  1. Standardization of equipment and software for the staff
  2. The Ability to back up important and sensitive data
  3. Access for Members, Guests and visitors that is reliable
  4. The Security of our children

We currently need to raise 12 thousand dollars to achieve our goals.  Your support for this initiative will be greatly appreciated.  Just $20 dollars a week for the entire year would yield $1040 dollars.  That’s $20 for 52 weeks.  For most of us that is simply not going out to eat one time a week.  So if you eat out 5 days a week you could save $20 a week by only going out 4 days a week.  Won’t you consider giving today either through a one-time gift or through setting up a recurring transaction on our giving portal.